How We Got Here

My name is Kate Kingsley, and food is my love language. However, as someone with GI issues, I know how vital it is to eat well in order to maintain my comfort and energy levels. It used to be a challenge for me to find foods that were both healthy and delicious - the ones that made me feel my best were often unappetizing. 

But after years of experimenting, I've discovered recipes and cooking techniques that incorporate whole foods and natural ingredients. I've learned how to portion control and feel content with what I'm eating. I truly believe it's crucial to balance indulging in the foods that bring us pleasure and nourishing our bodies with healthy options. 

My passion for this led me to become a PN Certified Nutritional Coach and create Maple Meal Prep, where I can share my knowledge and help others achieve their health goals. I understand that everyone has a unique relationship with food - some eat for pleasure, while others eat purely for energy. My meals can help you on your journey, no matter your relationship with food or goals. Whether you want to lose weight, feel better after eating, or become more mindful of your eating habits, I'm confident that the meals that I create can help you reach those goals!

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